The Story of Crazy Safety and How We Got Here.


razy Safety is an original design idea invented by one of our partners –  Zdenko Oliver Santini.

It all started when Zdenko Oliver Santini was in attending 8th grade, and it became the norm to wear a bicycle helmet in Denmark – and the rest of the world. Zdenko – as the creative person he is – thought the regular bicycle helmets (at the time) was boring to look at. With the help of some cardboard, glue and plenti of imagination, he created the very first version of the Crazy Safety helmet – without he knew it!

Years later, the idea came to life once again, but this time with the help of professional people in the bicycle industry, and Crazy Safety was born.

The A-Team

People often talk about the perfect team… Well this is it!

Zdenko Oliver Santini
Zdenko Oliver SantiniCEO & Founder
The creative designer and inventor of the Crazy Safety helmets, Zdenko Oliver Santini is a partner and CEO of Crazy Safety. Creative development and thinking outside the box.
Casper F. Larsen
Casper F. LarsenCOO & Amazon guru
With a past as a fighter pilot with strong project management skills, Casper is the perfect COO to have in Crazy Safety. Has a strong focus on marketing and online marketplaces.
Kim Møller-Nielsen
Kim Møller-NielsenPartner
With 20+ years of experience within the field of product invention, development and management, Kim is the perfect partner to have in any business involving product innovation.

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